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Just having 60,000 pieces of luxury clothing ready to ship doesn't really cut it. And that doesn't include what we make to order for you. Somehow we have to make those things available for purchase. And that's what's Behind The Scenes.

There's ordering. Restocking. Databasing. And most time-consuming of all, photography. Do we enjoy working with the finest clothing and gorgeous models? Of course! But around the 2,500th photo in the tenth hour under 6,000 watts of halogens, beauty tends to become obscured by sweat. Truthfully though, we wouldn't trade it for anything! Creating interesting, clear visual concepts to convey the unique fine quality of our merchandise is an ongoing challenge ... as is showing intimate articles in a tasteful manner.

  Photo Shoots are Constant

Finding the exciting, luxurious, rare items we offer, cajoling the artisans into making what doesn't exist, getting it here, and the ongoing photography which makes it possible for you to see everything isn't as hedonistic as wearing cashmere socks or fine Italian underwear! But the ongoing two-continent, multi-country quest can be fun ... or funny ... so we decided to share some of it with you in a short photo essay.

Is it wonderful to wear a different pair of socks and underwear every day. Absolutely! But laundering them, before and after measurements, judging the fit and feel of hundreds of items gives pause to the pleasure. Nonetheless, when we say we test everything we sell, we mean it.

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Enough said. From design concept, through creation, to ready-for-you ... here's a peek behind the scenes of

All of what we do begins in the design department either here in our East Hampton-Amagansett studios or at one of our Western European artisans.


Pre-Shoot Renderings

Pre-Shoot Renderings Set The Tone

Alexander Kabbaz design Paisley Socks

Alexander Kabbaz Paisley Design Socks ... from Concept to Completion

It's kind of like a combination of the Science Channel's How It's Made & How Do They Do It combined with the loftiest dreams of a Fashion Institute professor tempered by the grouchy old engineer in the corner beating his drum to the tune of Only The Best Will Do.
Here's a quick peek Behind-the-Scene at some of our recent photo shoots ...
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  Clothing ...Ready for Shoot

Clothing ready for shooting

  Model Ready ...

Model ready ...

  Photographer Ready ...

Photographer ready ...

  Keeping the Model Ready   Keeping the Models Ready ...   Keeping the Models Ready
Keeping the Models Ready through Sweat and Wardrobe Changes is an Ongoing Task
  Keeping It Straight   Keeping It Straight ...   Keeping It Straight ...
And Then There's Keeping the Clothing Straight
Design ...Redesign Design ... Correct ...     Try Again ...
Design ... Correct ... Try Again
Kabbaz-Kelly Tanami Silk & Cotton with Gerbe Stockings     Bresciani Supremo Reale Crew Neck and Boxer   Kabbaz-Kelly Tanami Silk & Cotton Spaghetti Top & Thong Panty
And finally ... we get to the actual shooting
Some Outdoor Shooting Fills Out The Day   Finally the Shoot is Done ...   ... and It's Playtime!  
Some Outdoor Shots ... And then a Bit of Playtime to Finish The Day
We grow this story often. More photos. More insight into our quest for quality. More insider's views of the way it comes to fruition. Check back here for the latest updates. Question? Contact us.