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Bespoke Shirts and Blouses

Bespoke Shirts and Blouses

There are literally thousands of options available. We've listed the most requested choices. Suffice it to say that, when it comes to bespoke making, we can do just about anything. Just one request: Please read this before calling or ordering. It's essential!

You have five basic fabric quality levels to select from SuperFine Two-Ply 100s to Duecento Two-Ply 200s, all from Switzerland or Italy. Want to learn more about fabrics? Read A Discourse on Shirtings.

Finding it difficult to wade through the many options. We're here. Contact Us ... or telephone Alexander Kabbaz or Joelle Kelly at 631-267-7909. We are always happy to help. Call and we'll be glad to talk you through the basic options on your first order.

If you want a monogram ... order it separately. Tell us where you want it (cuff, front, or other) and we'll know what to do.

No shirt selections showing? Sorry. We're temporarily at full capacity. Try again soon or call us.