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Member Rewards - Earn While You Shop!Earn while you shop at We love giving Member Rewards Dollars to our loyal clients. Heck ... we'll even give you money just for creating your account!

Our Member Rewards program is quite extensive. And make no mistake: This is no credit card points rewards program where 1,000 points will get you a stuffed animal and send you four e-mails telling you that your teddy bear is on the way.

Ours is just plain simple: A Member Rewards Dollar is exactly that. One Dollar. And the Rewards Dollars you've previously banked are good as cash at our Checkout. Simple as that.

Earning Rewards Dollars | Spending Rewards Dollars | More Member Benefits | V.I.P. Members Club | The Fine Print

Earning Member Rewards Dollars

 What for ...  How Much ...
Each time you shop online at, a percentage of the price of each item you purchase is deposited into your Member Reward Dollars account. 3% to 10%
depending upon
the item.
Create Your Rewards Account
Subscribe Free to our Sartorial Excellence Newletter $10
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Invite a Friend Who Creates a Rewards Account and Places an Order
When your Friend Places Their Order ...  10% of the Order is Yours!
And if your Friend Orders Again ... 5% of the Second Order is Yours, too!
Review a Product You've Ordered From Us $5
Share A Product on Facebook** $5
Like Us on Facebook $5
Tag a Product** $2

Cable Knit Thigh Highs from Luxury Clothing

But Wait ... There's More!

Sartorial Excellence News Coupons:
Watch S.E.N. carefully.
At times we'll hide a coupon in there good for Member Rewards Dollars.
And no ... we won't tell you when in advance. Sorry 'bout that!

And you can share them!
Have a special friend? Want to give a gift without ordering a Gift Card?
Now you can share your Member Rewards Dollars with other registered members!

** You can Facebook Share a maximum of 5 products per day.
Your sharing rewards for the day may not total more than half your order total.
** You can Tag a maximum of 5 products per day.
Your tagging rewards for the day may not total more than 20% of your order total.

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Spending Your Member Rewards Dollars

It's simple: Each time you order you'll bank Rewards Dollars. Your banked Member Reward Dollars may be deducted from your available total in any amount you desire on our Checkout page ... or you can save them up to one year for future use ... or you can share them with a friend. And yes, to answer a frequent question, you can even use them to buy Gift Cards.
Only one caveat here: You can't use more Member Rewards Dollars than the total of your order and expect to find cash in your package. We're nice ... not stupid!

And there's more! Member Rewards Dollars earned here on can also be used on our sister site,!

Tom Wolfe at his finest ... in our finest!More Member Benefits

Italian Glitter Cashmere Women's Socks

Left: Tom Wolfe sporting a Kabbaz-Kelly bespoke shirt, bespoke tie, and pocket square;
Right: Women's Italian Cashmere Knee-High Glitter Socks

Registered Members of don't just earn Rewards Dollars. Membership is special in a host of other ways.

For decades we have quietly served the ladies and gentlemen of our trendsetting Private Client List the mixed medley of our unique and exciting Limited Edition luxury items. Not available to the general public, commissioned & crafted in small exclusive lots, this unparalleled world's finest is the stuff of individual sartorial fantasy, a statement of individual accomplishment and attention to detail.

From awesome Italian Glitter Cashmere coochies for frozen feminine footsies to the height of sharp sophistication in a Pure Cashmere KK by Villa Delmitia dressing gown or Kabbaz-Kelly chemise, our range of privately proffered plunder is without compare. What rare booty! Imagine leaving for the gym massaged in the refined pure cotton fleece of prized KK designed Limited Edition warm-ups. Or the sassy strut of scarlet cashmere socks so perking up his grey flannel trousers as they peek mysteriously between shoe and cuff, flaunting a jaunty, devil-may-care flair. The dashing elan of her potently-colored knee-high argyles stretching upward from alligator pumps, skimming a tweed skirt's hemline. The knowing confidence of unseen yet oh, so discriminating KK by Cri & Gio ladies luxe down under rivaled only by a cashmere scarf's cozy cachet as Scotland's Begg & Co. provocatively peeks from coat or cape.

Michael Douglas' wears Kabbaz-Kelly shirts in "Wall Street"

Left: Michael Douglas wears Kabbaz-Kelly bespoke shirts in the original Wall Street.

As Kabbaz-Kelly Fine Clothiers has developed over the years, so too has the number and breadth of the Limited Edition commissions we have been able to offer our venerable artisans.

  • Advance Notice of Limited Editions: Registered Rewards Dollars Members are notified in advance of the arrival of these new Limited Edition items before they are available to the general public.
  • Advance Copy of Sartorial Excellence News: The International Advance Edition of our newsletter is sent to Members 24 hours in advance. First pick of the newest arrivals. First crack at Rewards Coupons - sometimes available only in the Advance Edition. First peek into our latest style and color trends research.
  • Advance Notice of Sales: When our stock of an item has reached the point where we haven't enough to continue offering it on our regular pages, we discontinue it. Members receive 24 hour advance access to our rare clearance sales where these discontinued items are sold for half-price or less.

V.I.P. Members' Only Club - The Pinnacle of Rewards Membership

KK by Cri & Gio Spaghetti TopLeft: Kabbaz-Kelly by Cri & Gio Cotton Mini-Rib Spaghetti Top

We have reached somewhat of a watershed moment. We are simply acquiring too much Limited Edition booty to continue restricting availability to our private clients ... yet not enough to offer to one-and-all on our worldwide website.

And so was born Kabbaz-Kelly's V.I.P. Members' Only Club. A few refined, worldly-wise gentlemen and ladies of taste whose sartorial aspirations match our penchant for perfection, whose discriminating desires settle for nothing less than the exceptional.

Limited Edition Italian HandMade Gloves by Alpo GuantiRight: HandMade Limited Edition Italian Lambskin Gloves by Alpo Guanti

Membership in our V.I.P. Members' Only Club is by invitation. Invitations are sent based upon annual order volume and a few other factors such as sartorial acumen and breadth of previous style selections. Those invited need complete a short form detailing garment sizing and style preference information.

  • V.I.P. Members' Only Benefit: You'll receive an e-mail from us on an interim basis directing you to Private Members' Only Pages where you will be able to find these rare items; the special little tidbits we acquire but haven't enough of to offer to any but our most special clients.
  • V.I.P. Members' Only Benefit: At times you may be asked to help us "field-test" some of our new and unique designs before we actually authorize their production. This is voluntary and feedback is expected. It's the way we improve our products through testing before making them. And yes ... you will get to keep prototypes you test.

Limited Edition Super Thigh-highs by Bresciani for Kabbaz-KellyLeft: Sarah is wearing our exclusive Limited Edition Super Thigh-highs by Breaciani 1970 in Amethyst

  • V.I.P. Members' Only Benefit: You will be placed in a special V.I.P. Category of clients who receive a site-wide discount on all purchases in addition to our Member Rewards and other generally available benefits such as sock discounts for 6 or more pairs in an order.
  • V.I.P. Members' Only Benefit: And if you have that exceptional item in mind; something you've thought of or used to be able to find but alas, no more ... just drop us a note. No guarantees ... but we'll see what can be done about finding - or making - it for you. Write to us here.

The Fine Print

We don't much believe in fine print ... but there are three important caveats regarding Member Rewards Dollars:

  • Member Rewards Dollars can be earned only by those who have Registered (Created An Account).
  • No Rewards Dollars are earned for orders placed by telephone, e-mail, or in-person. They are earned only when you shop online using the Checkout.
  • We CANNOT use your Member Rewards Dollars for you on phone, e-mail, or in-person orders. Only you can use them and only for orders you place online.
  • Use 'em or lose 'em. You have 366 days from earning your Dollars to spend them. After that, Joelle and Alexander will use them to go out to dinner. Of course, we'll send you an e-mail a couple of weeks in advance of the expiration telling you which restaurant we intend to go to if you don't get your act together.
  • Member Rewards will post to your account when your order ships, not when you check out. This is usually the same day as you order unless you have ordered custom made or out-of-stock merchandise.

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