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Some of the world's finest custom shirts come from a well-known but rather obscurely-sited master shirtmaker, Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons.
Alexander Kabbaz fitting a shirt client "I have a different philosophy than most. A truly bespoke - or 'custom' - shirt is exactly what my client wants it to be. It isn't a 'house style' or a disparate assemblage of shirt pattern pieces. Instead, it is the client's own individual pattern draughted completely from scratch ... and fitted until absolutely correct", says Alexander Kabbaz.
Some thirty years and a number of awards later Kabbaz, whose shirts range upwards of $1000, has shuttered the Madison Avenue atelier and moved his studios home to Artists' Woods, his family estate in East Hampton.
Cesare Paciotti's MissP Lingerie Alexander Kabbaz and Joelle Kelly are also the top online retailers of the world's finest luxury furnishings and outerwear
featuring top brands like the incomparable Bresciani 1970, Italy's famous Marcoliani socks, and Scotland's luxurious Begg of Ayr cashmere scarves.
Zimmerli of Switzerland 100% Cashmere Over-the-Calf Dress Socks To round out their offerings, the couple are now encouraging the work of a few small,  top calibre European artisans  hand-making neckties, silk pocket squares,  lush pure cashmere sweaters, lambskin gloves, and beautiful scarves.

Black Sexy Cashmere Glitter Sock with Red Pump
Marcoliani's Sexy Cashmere Glitter Sock
"I still visit with clients every Wednesday at the Regency on Park Avenue", he comments, "but I find my 'creative juices' flow more readily around white sand beaches and groves of cedar trees than amongst honking horns and smog.

Cashmere Shirtjacket with Italian nappa leather trim

"We've always considered our work to be a mix of art and science. Being ensconced here in the environs of our art school seems rather fitting ... no pun intended!"
Bresciani The World's Finest Underwear "We've been stocking fine underwear, Begg, luxury socks, ties, and many other of the finest European furnishings for our shirt clients for more than a quarter century. The transition to online retailing - while maintaining the customer service for which we are known - has been an interesting challenge, but a welcome one", observes Alexander. "I find that if we can just get the online clients to phone us up or e-mail when they have questions, providing excellent service is easy when one is intimately knowledgeable about the products. "And after decades of offering furnishings & accessories advice, we darn well better know our stuff!"

Zimmerli's Swiss Cotton Pajamas
Zimmerli of Switzerland Men's UltraFine Swiss Cotton Pajamas
Zimmerli's "Europa" Men's Cotton Loungewear/WarmUps Appointments for custom shirts are available daily in the East Hampton studios, Wednesday evenings at the Regency in Manhattan, or by arrangement anywhere at our mutual convenience. Initial appointments outside the Manhattan-East Hampton corridor require advance arrangement.

 Kabbaz making buttonholes on his treasured c.1936 Singer buttonholer

Work with new clients commences as space becomes available on the client roster. As in any prospective long-term relationship, the initial interview is meant to mutually investigate affinity and compatibility.

For appointments or information please call the number above or use the "Contact Us" link.