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Men's Items Commissioned by Us from Zimmerli, Marcoliani & Bresciani
Zimmerli Big & Tall Royal Classic Deep V-neck Undershirt
Royal Classic V-neck Big &or Tall

It is quite common to be able to find clothing made for the Big and/or Tall man of inexpensive, low quality manufacture for the mass market. Over the years, we have received many requests from clients for Big & Tall Zimmerli underwear and top quality socks. Due to the minimum quantities necessary to remain economically feasible, this has previously been impossible. But as our client roster expanded, the requests have multiplied. We feel as if we can now "take the plunge" in this new area. After long discussions with Zimmerli, with Marcoliani, and with Bresciani, we have convinced them that they should work with us on this. This Summer we commissioned the initial orders.

We now have the Big sizes in stock in the more popular Zimmerli underwear items. The first few sock styles are in from Bresciani and Zimmerli. Basic elegant merino and cotton solid colors from Marcoliani will be on board this Fall in Small and Large sizes..
In addition, for those who want other Zimmerli underwear or a certain style of socks, we now have a Custom Order Program. With the purchase of two dozen of virtually any item except Richelieu Rib, we can provide delivery to your desired specifications in 90 days.

Big and Tall Zimmerli   Small, Big, and Tall Socks 
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